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Saturday, October 1, 2011

One or Two?

So after having my wonderful ultrasound on Thursday (after a spotting issue I had over the weekend which I probably blew out of proportion) I found out that I'm pregnant with twins! The only questionable detail is that one is a healthy, heart-beating fetus measuring correctly for the gestation time and the other was a week behind. (7 weeks & 6 weeks respectively) I've been doing research after the report read a "possible" blighted ovum for the smaller baby~ the girl I strongly believe. I read that blighted ovums are EMPTY gestational sacs and mine or her's is not empty. She's in there, laying n the bottom like her neighbor brother, but much smaller and too young to see a yolk sac, fetal pole, or heartbeat. So now I have some hope that she was just a seperate conception (two ovulations perhaps) and all will be fine. I do, however, know that God's will is His will and if I have at least one healthy baby, I'm blessed beyond belief. I was a little upset that the tech didn't print me a picture of the little miss. All I have is a sneak peek of her sac in the corner of big boy's photo. :(

Ergo, it's no wonder why I'm only 8 weeks and showing like I'm starting the second trimester! And why my clothes are much too snug!
Count your blessings! :-}