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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Symptoms or something else??

Okay, I truly have noticed as of late how much I talk about the happenings of my body to those around me.... {Makes me wonder how people view me.} Between fracturing my knee in May and the other myriad of issues I tend to notice I've had much to discuss. But nothing tops the discussion cake like what I have going on now.

Pregnancy symptoms.... waaaaaaaaay to early.

Okay okay- I know they differ in everyone. But why have I had: Cramps, fatigue, insomnia, BAD lower back pain, stomach aches and tightness, dizziness, spacey brain, abundant gas, extreme hunger, rollercoaster emotions (I cried when I found out my husband got the job I knew he was bound to get! And again when he said he needed cheese for his spaghetti! WHAT???!!) and it's WAY to early to be PMS? There are more symptoms but I feel they are too invasive to share with the WWW. Specifically, some of them started as early as 3-4 days after ovulation. I feel half crazy and I really don't want to trick myself into felling something that's not for real. UGH!

Regardless, it was enough to postpone my much anticipated corrective knee surgery due to the risk it could pose to the "baby", or possible bundle of cells developing at a fast rate in my uterus. I do my research, people. Oh yeah, and P.S. I might not even be preggers! It could be all in my imagination or something like meningitis! I told my mother today "If I'm not PG, I'm either losing my mind or my body is shutting down."

Since it's too early for me to test @ home and I loathe co-pays we will just have to wait and see. Maybe the Songbird's Nest will soon be the Songbirds' Nest! (I already intend on birthing little minature singers/musicians!)

Ciao for now... and thanks for reading. Pray for the likes of me.

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