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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A fresh start

Yesterday I spent all of the school day setting up my new classroom! That's right, a brand new classroom!! My school turned a storage closet into the art room for me, and now it's like starting all over again. I have to go over rules, where everything belongs, give out jobs, and actually get used to it myself! This is my first time having a real room all to myself so there is a lot of adjusting on my part. And it's difficult sometimes transitioning when there is a class in the gym and my kids have to walk in/out after they've already started....but I'm sure those kinks will iron out.

I plan on going in extra early tomorrow to set up and get ready to meet my old college advisor and my theatre professor. The two of them are coming tomorrow (the college has a community service day) to do some painting for me in my room! :) Off to bed I go! I'll try to post pics later.

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