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Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a weekend.

All of the following is stocked up in one weekend:
-I am taking an MTEL exam today to add another certification to my resume
-My church is having a car wash and a fish/chicken fry that I unfortunately can't help with
-We are doing those things to raise funds for our pastoral appreciation service tomorrow and I have two projects to work on for that
-My dad's birthday is also tomorrow

To be honest, in the midst of all this, I really have the need to bead. Jewelry that is. In addition to these things, I have the wedding ever present on my mind, the house we are getting prepared to buy, and my classroom at school, which is just now ready for me to move into on Monday. That's right, I won't be teaching, I'll be moving ALL day! Because Open House is Tuesday and at this moment, my classroom furniture and supplies are in a heap in the stage! But that's another blog....

So can you see why I want to bead? I need something to put my mind at ease, I need to zone out for a few. And I doubt that I'm the only one.

Oh yeah , and one more thing, my bedroom is a a reflection of the mess my mind is in. But off I go to take care of that problem. ;-)

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