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Monday, October 12, 2009

Icky-Sticky-and Goo

and I don't mean the candy store.... My favoritist season of the year brings so many lovely things: red-orange and golden leaves, warm sweaters, hot drinks, caramel and candy apples, anything warm and cinnamonny, my birthday, and as evident in the last 22 years of my life- a terrible sinus infection.

I've gotten so tired of these infections that I've quit going to the doctor. I hate being on antibiotics twice a year, they're so bad for you! I know- you're probably saying "Twice a year? But fall only happens once a year, Songbird!" Well that's because I am known to also get a sinus infection in the spring.... which brings me to the wedding. Feeling as sick, sore, congested, tired and achy as I do right now makes me ever so wary of the spring. Usually I get the spring one around April, though, and our wedding is at the end of May. Unless there's some freak change in the weather, but I'm going to start saying my prayers now!!

Right now this has put a hold on any kind of wedding progress. I wanted to finish my necklace and earrings this weekend and look for flowergirl dresses, but I'm planted to my bed. Thankfully, we have no school today so I didn't have to call out of work. I just wish this vacation day could have been more productive.

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